Besides Bitcoin, a large number of alternative cryptocurrencies have been introduced. Due to the large number of these 'altcoins', no person is able to track all of them to find trading opportunities.


CryptoMarketsTrader automatically tracks prices, volumes and orderbooks of a large number of altcoins and generates signals when to buy or sell. Signals are published instantly on the website. An XML file is available to import into automatic trading bots.


CryptomarketsTrader uses a evolutionary model inspired by mother nature to optimize multiple neuronal networks ('units') to generate buy or sell signals. Since not all altcoins behave in the same manner at any time, several units are trained in different 'environments'. The best predicting units of each environment are then randomly modified and tested against the existing ones - survival of the fittest. Learn more...


If you are trading all CryptoMarketsTrader signals, you should have following positions open:

Coin Time Open Price Open (BTC) Current Price (BTC) Profit


Trading all signals with always 1/30 of your BTC balance since start of our service could have led to an overall profit of -2.4%:


These are the last ten signals generated:

Coin Time Price (BTC) Signal
DASH 30.12.2020 06:40:44 0.00361829 SELL
DGB 30.12.2020 06:40:44 0.00000097 SELL
WAVES 30.12.2020 06:40:44 0.00024313 SELL
XLM 30.12.2020 06:40:44 0.00000465 SELL
XTZ 30.12.2020 06:40:44 0.00007176 SELL
ZIL 30.12.2020 06:40:44 0.00000286 SELL
WAVES 30.12.2020 06:23:32 0.00024555 BUY
LINK 30.12.2020 04:52:36 0.00041358 SELL
XTZ 30.12.2020 04:52:01 0.00007334 BUY
XLM 30.12.2020 03:18:08 0.00000494 BUY